Arun Arya
I dream of a world free of poverty with shared prosperity. The world where there is no discrimination and injustice. The world which is liberal, secure, and values individual freedom. The world that values integrity, respect and sincerity.

I am contributing my bit as a leader in governance and public sector management with over 25 years of extensive operational experience in 14 countries spanning across South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central America and East Asia and Pacific regions, as part of the government, as an adviser to the government and an independent evaluator.

My core competencies include Public Finance Management, Digital Government, Anti-Corruption, Law and Public Administration, Civil Service Management, Criminal Administration and Civil Society Engagement. I fight for providing justice and prosperity to the underprivileged.
I have a proven track- record of policy-making and public administration as part of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) under the Government of India; that of influencing legislations, policies, design and execution of government programs as an advisor to the government while working for the World Bank, Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA), and German Development Cooperation (GIZ); and, an independent evaluator as part of the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG).
With about 14-year operational experience in the World Bank, I have an excellent track-record in leading policy dialogues in countries like Yemen, Iraq, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Honduras, Ghana, Nepal, Sierra Leone, and Indonesia where I delivered high quality technical assistance, analytical work, investment lending, and advisory services. I have experience of being a country-based Governance Adviser in Yemen for 4 years, Indonesia for 5 years, and Iraq for 1 year (currently posted and continuing).
Prior to joining the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), I have worked in the World Bank as the Senior Public Sector Specialist/ Task Team Leader of World Bank’s Public Finance Management and Anti-Corruption operations in 14 countries for about 16 years. I have also worked for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), where I have served as the District Magistrate, Managing Director, Divisional Commissioner, Director/ Head of Department, and Secretary to the Government in India. I have also worked for the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) as their Senior Sector Adviser for Water and Sanitation sector for Government of Bangladesh for two years.
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