National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, India (1985-1987)
Law and Public Administration
Training for Indian Administrative Service officers on Law, Public Administration, Economics, Political Economy to function as Magistrates at the start of their career.
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India (1983-1985)
Masters of Business Administration
Financial Management, Systems Management, Production and Operations Management, Econometrics, Mathematics and Statistical Management, Marketing Management and Personnel Management
St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, Delhi, India (1980-1983)
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Economics
Micro and Macro Economics, Economic History, Statistics, National Income Accounting, Development Economics, Economic Systems and Current Indian Economy, and Mathematics
Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi (1968-1980)
Senior School Certificate (Class 12)
Studied ‘Humanities’ in Class 11-12 with Economics and Mathematics as major subjects
The Open Group (2019)
TOGAF® Certification Program on Enterprise Architecture - Foundation
No Expiration Date, Credential ID: 137585
The Open Group (2020)
TOGAF® Certification Program on Enterprise Architecture - Certified
No Expiration Date, Credential ID: 137585
Harvard Business School (2021)
Data Science Ready
Data Science Ready is an online course that allows you to gain a familiarity with the fundamental concepts and use of data science, including prediction, causality, data wrangling, privacy, and ethics.
Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) (2021)
Certificate in Internet of Things
Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting devices to the internet across multiple networks to allow them to communicate with humans, applications and each other. IoT is set to have a huge impact on our daily lives, helping us to reduce traffic congestion, improve care for the elderly and create smarter homes and offices. This four-week course provides a high-level overview of the IoT concepts from a mobile perspective, outline the role IoT can play in enhancing the quality of life of citizens and explore the implications that IoT has for policymakers and regulators.
Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) United Kingdom (2023)
Certificate in Public Financial Management
The 12-month certificate course introduces the essentials of public financial management; providing a practical and broad-based knowledge of public financial management, teaching the foundations of public sector finance and ensuring finance professionals in the public sector have a core understanding of what is involved. The Certificate is made up on 22 modules of public financial management.