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Obtained Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University!

April 1, 2021

I am feeling accomplished to have completed a certificate course in Data Science from Harvard University!

This is the first course I did with Harvard and was extremely pleased with the methodology adopted – the pace of the program, case studies, videos of faculty and experts, illustrations, and quizzes. The course was taught in a highly interactive manner, generating curiosity by asking questions and making us think what could be the solutions to a given problem and then introducing the real case study, and making us learn at each step.

The quality of course content was very high and I am feeling confident of adding value to the work I do. A special word of appreciation and gratitude towards Professor Dustin Tingley, who presented the subject so smoothly. His presentations were most insightful and easy to comprehend. He made a complex subject look easy.

I am an international governance adviser of the World Bank who advises governments on how to improve their government systems to maximize their development impact with given resources. I have expertise in Integrated Financial Management Systems and am a certified Enterprise Architect in The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

The knowledge of Data Science will help me strengthen my skills in Digital Technology. In the present era of governments moving towards their Digital Transformation, I will have an edge as an Digital Governance Adviser with knowledge of Data Science. I am now ready to use this knowledge to serve GOVTECH agenda of the World Bank, starting from Indonesia.