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Indonesia Ministry of Finance Prepares its Enterprise Architecture Blueprint as a Gateway to its Digital Transformation

August 10, 2020

Ministry of Finance in Indonesia is one of the first few ministries in the world to have prepared an #EnterpriseArchitecture Blueprint using the #TOGAF9 methodology. The Enterprise Architecture will be the “gateway” for the Ministry to realize its Digital Transformation Vision.

The World Bank team, ably supported by the Ernst and Young team, worked hard together with the Ministry of Finance over past two years to achieve this feat. The Enterprise Architecture has been constructed around all the four architectural domains: Business Architecture, Applications Architecture, Data Architecture, and the Technology Architecture, and based upon gaps between the baseline and target architectures around the four architectural domains, an Enterprise Roadmap and a Strategic Implementation Plan has been prepared with clear milestones, KPIs, implementation governance, migration plan, and the change management plan.

Thank you team for achieving this major milestone for the Government of Indonesia. Erwin AriadharmaSyed Kafeel AhmedHimawan SidhartaPrasetya DwicahyaHari PurnomoFabiola KristiIsnaeni AchdiatLesly GohTeha HerziFakhrudin Sukarno

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