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Clarion Advertising Services

Bombay, India

Accounts Executive at Clarion Advertising Services Limited, Bombay

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Managed “FORHANS Toothpaste” brand from conceptualization stage to the execution stage and prepared its media plan.

For the first time in the company, developed an evaluation model using advanced Linear Programming techniques for evaluating “Cost/Reach” of alternative media vehicles, within different constraints, for selection of optimal set of media-mix for the campaign.

I also developed the campaign of “32-Intact”, establishing the USP that the use of ‘FORHANS Toothpaste’ keeps all the 32 teeth closely held  with gums, and reduces probability of germs remaining in cavities and that this would keep your all the 32 teeth intact for all your life.

This campaign was extremely successful in providing ‘FORHANS’ a unique ‘brand positioning’.