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Government of India

August 1985 to January 2004 - February 2006 to December 2006
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I worked in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) for 20 years holding senior management positions like the Chief Development Officer, District Magistrate, Managing Director, Secretary to the Government, Director, and Divisional Commissioner. I worked in diverse spheres such as Governance, Public Sector Management, Public Financial Management, Administration of Justice, Economic Development, Social Development, Electoral Administration, Civil Service Management, Corporate Management, Water and Sanitation, and Information Technology and Electronics. Some of the major positions held were as follows.

District Magistrate
• Maintained law and order and facilitated comprehensive development of four districts, namely Hamirpur, Maharajganj, Barabanki, and Unnao with a population of about 2.5 million people and a geographical area of about 4,500 Improved quality of criminal administration, prevented a major communal riot with deft handling; enhanced clearance rate and reduced disposition time of criminal and revenue courts I presided; formulated and implemented district development plans valued approx. INR 850 million; and, streamlined land administration, electoral administration, collection of revenues, and treasury operations. Provided leadership and guidance to about 10,000 government staff in each district reporting to me.

Divisional Commissioner
• Maintained law and order and facilitated comprehensive development of Basti Division with a geographic area of 13,450, and a population of 6.5 million people, through supervising operations of District Magistrates for Basti, Siddhartnagar and Kabirnagar districts.

Managing Director
• Revived UPTRON India Ltd., by motivating its 3,500 employees and focusing on its core competencies, closing unviable units, technological up-gradation, and diversification into IT. Introduced new business lines like Mobile Phone Jammers, Software Technology Parks, and Smart City. I turned-around the company with current liabilities of INR 3750 Million; no Working Capital; and, unpaid 6-month salary of about 3,500 employees, to a company doing a turnover of INR 4,200 million, thereby paying off current liabilities, salaries and generating working capital.

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Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance
• Prepared Budget and controlled Budget Execution of key sectors. Initiated computerization of Treasury and conducted “zero-based budgeting” to identify surplus staff in each department and prepared their redeployment plan. Conceptualized and designed a decision support system (DEMIST) for assisting personnel and fiscal decisions based on HR database of about 1 million employees.

Director of World-Bank assisted Project
• Accelerated the implementation of $56 Million World Bank-assisted UP Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation (SWAJAL) Project and ensured its timely completion. Demonstrated success of a difficult demand-driven and community-managed project in ensuring sustainable health & hygiene benefits to people in 1000 project villages. Based on its success, Government of India launched a nationwide SWAJALDHARA

Secretary to Government
• Formulated State Policies in ministries of Technical Education, Ground Water and Minor Irrigation, and Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Additional Commissioner/ Director
• Prepared plans and monitored the implementation of Rural Development and Social Welfare Departments